The Interview

You are now eligible to schedule a visa interview appointment. Please note that you must pay the K visa application fee before you can schedule your appointment.

If you are unable to complete the steps and the document checklist prior your scheduled appointment, please RESCHEDULE your interview online at or call the Embassy’s Visa Information and Appointment Service Center at (+632) 8548-8223 and (+632) 7792-8988.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A fiance(e) derivative (K2) applicant must apply and be issued a visa (if qualified) within one (1) year from the date the fiance(e) (K1) visa was issued. Therefore, we strongly urge K2 applicants to apply for a visa as soon as possible, potentially as early as four months after K1 issuance.


Complete the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application — DS-160 (for fiancé (e) K visa applicants) at

Please see instructions for completing the required online application form at .

Print the DS-160 confirmation page (the page with the barcode).

Visit the website or contact Embassy Manila’s Visa Information and Appointment Service Center at (+632) 8548-8223 and (+632) 7792-8988 and follow the instructions on how to create a profile and schedule a visa interview.

The call center is open Mondays through Fridays, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Philippine Standard Time), except on Philippine and U.S. holidays. Callers in the United States should call (703) 520-2235 on its Eastern Standard Time (EST) equivalent of operation hours.

All applicants must register their delivery address. We are unable to deliver your passport and visa if you fail to register a delivery address.

You can register online by clicking on the “Select Document Delivery Address” link Once there, click on the first link under the “More Actions” heading to register a new address. Please note that you should enter a valid contact number to complete the process.

If you have any question(s) on how to register a delivery address or wish to register your address through the call center, please contact Embassy Manila’s Visa Information and Appointment Service Center at (+632) 8548-8223 and (+632) 7792-8988.

Please bring all the required documents to your visa interview to facilitate same-day approval. Note that you risk SIGNIFICANT DELAYS by failing to bring all documentary requirements to your interview. It is strongly recommended that you RESCHEDULE your visa interview date if you are unable to bring all the required documentation below. You may do so by clicking this link or calling the Embassy’s Visa Information and Appointment Service Center at (+632) 854-882-23 and (+632) 779-289-88.

 PASSPORT. Must be valid for at least six (6 months). You may visit ( for detailed passport information.

 PHOTOS. Bring at least three (3) recent colored photographs. Visit this link for the photo specifications.

 NONIMMIGRANT VISA ELECTRONIC APPLICATION (DS-160): Complete the Form DS-160 available at , print the confirmation page containing the barcode information, and bring it on your scheduled visa interview appointment.

 MEDICAL EXAMINATION RESULTS. You must undergo the required medical examination at St. Luke’s Extension Clinic and bring the results at the time of your visa interview. Refer to for more information regarding the medical examination.

 POLICE REPORT. Applicants aged 16 years and older must have a valid Philippine police (NBI) clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). For immigration purposes, an NBI clearance is valid for one year from the date of issuance.

  • Please note that an NBI Clearance with an AKA is also required. Police clearances should be in the applicant’s current name, birth certificate name, maiden name, married name, and any aliases or nicknames ever used, including different spellings of all names that may have appeared on other civil documents (e.g., birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.), even if these names or spellings have never been routinely used. Please refer to the NBI website for additional information. You may request NBI to directly submit your NBI clearance to the US Embassy (recommended) here:
  • Police Clearance from other countries: Applicants who have stayed for six (6) months or more upon reaching the age of 16 years are required to obtain a police certificate. Country-specific information on how to secure foreign police certificates is available at

 FEES. The application fee for a K1 or K2 nonimmigrant visa is US $265, payable only in Philippine pesos at the prevailing exchange rate. There are three ways to pay the K visa application fee: cash payment at any Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) branch; online payment provided by RCBC to their clients; or online payment via PesoNet.

All K visa applicants must present a U.S. visa application deposit slip to pay the K visa fee. Print the applicable visa application deposit slip, downloadable from the online appointment website at and take it to the bank to pay the fee. The visa fee is non-transferrable and is valid for one year.

 BIRTH CERTIFICATE / MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE (if applicable). Must be issued on security paper by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), formerly NSO (NOT from the Local Civil Registry Office). You may call the PSA Information Center at (+632) 873-711-11 or visit their website for further information.

 CERTIFICATE OF NO MARRIAGE (if applicable). Applicants who are single and have never been married (18 years and older) are required to obtain a CENOMAR from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). The request for a CENOMAR is a standard measure adopted in Manila to ensure that a visa applicant does not have any concealed, unterminated prior marriage to anyone, which would eliminate his / her claim to the single status of the visa category sought. To request a CENOMAR be directly submitted to the US Embassy (recommended), you may do so here:

 A CENOMAR is also required for a petitioner who was born in the Philippines and lived in the country for at least one (1) year upon reaching the age of 18.

 PROOF OF TERMINATION OF MARRIAGE (if applicable). Annulment decree, death certificate issued by the PSA, a foreign divorce decree or foreign death certificate.

 PROOF OF RELATIONSHIP. Submit documents that further establish your relationship with the petitioner such as personal photographs with the petitioner taken over a period of time as well as personal correspondence.

 FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS. Applicants must provide evidence that they will not become public charge in the U.S. You may visit the Department of State website for the proper Affidavit of Support information.

 MILITARY RECORDS. Applicants who served in the military or police should present certified copies of their military or police service records.