U.S. Peace Corps and Municipality of Banaue complete the Batad Tappiyah Falls Project

The office of Mayor Jerry Dalipog and the community of Banaue welcomed Peace Corps Country Director Monica Collier and Peace Corps Response Program Coordinator Milo Cruz to Banaue on April 23, 2018. The Municipality of Banaue presented the Peace Corps with a Certificate of Commendation for its generous support and distinguished contribution to the improvement of the Tappiyah, Batad Waterfall Trail project.

The completion and installation in 2017 of handrails along the pathway that leads to the Tappiyah Waterfall bring greater potential for tourism along with improved safety for all community members and tourists.

The people of Banaue have hosted and welcomed many Peace Corps Volunteers over the years and established a strong connection and bond between the U.S Peace Corps and the Banaue community.