United States to Boost Counterterrorism Support for Philippine Law Enforcement

Manila, July 19, 2018 —The United States will contribute $26.5 million (Php1.418 billion) over the next two years to boost counterterrorism support for Philippine law enforcement agencies.

The assistance will include training, equipment, and other support to build comprehensive law enforcement capacity within a rule of law framework to deny terrorist operations, funding, and movement; investigate and prosecute terrorism cases; and counter radicalization to violence and violent extremism.  This support for non-military rule-of-law approaches to addressing terrorist threats will complement our sustained commitment to building the counterterrorism capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.  The United States is a proud ally of the Philippines and will continue to provide whole-of-government support and assistance to Philippine counterterrorism efforts as we work together to address shared threats to the peace and security of both of our countries.

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