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June 9, 2022

APHIS’ mission is to “safeguard the health, welfare and value of American agriculture and natural resources.”  Embassy Manila’s APHIS Office directly contributes to this mission by working with local authorities in the Philippines to:

  • Safeguard exports of Philippine-origin agricultural products to ensure quarantine pests and invasive species are excluded and not inadvertently introduced into the U.S. via air or maritime cargo;
  • Promote safe imports of U.S.-origin agricultural products to the Philippines in a manner that ensures animal and plant pests are excluded and the value of U.S.-origin products are maintained;
  • Advance the adoption of bilateral trade protocols that align with internationally recognized science-based standards and guidelines established by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC); and
  • Establish and maintain a strong collaborative working partnership with counterpart Philippine regulatory agencies through scientific exchanges on animal and plant pest and disease control, management and eradication.


Contact Information:

  • APHIS OfficeU.S. Embassy Manila

1201 Roxas Boulevard

Manila, Philippines  1000Tel: +63 2 5301-2000E-Mail: is.manila.philippines.office@usda.gov