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U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)
January 1, 2022

DOJ Attaché

The DOJ Attaché, a U.S. prosecutor, is responsible for assisting actual criminal investigations by United States and Philippines law enforcement agencies.  This includes investigations of violations of U.S. law, as well as violations of Philippine law.  Among other things, the DOJ Attaché prepares and supports formal treaty requests a) to extradite defendants to or from the Philippines as the case may require, and b) to acquire evidence for use in court prosecutions in United States and in the Philippines.

The DOJ Attaché acts as an advisor to U.S. prosecutors and investigators on Philippine law in order to ensure that U.S. agents and prosecutors comply with Philippine laws when investigating violations of U.S. law in the Philippines.  Furthermore, the DOJ Attaché advises Philippine prosecutors on ways the United States can assist criminal investigations by Philippine law enforcement.


DOJ Resident Legal Advisor

The DOJ Resident Legal Advisor, a U.S. prosecutor, works closely with the Philippine criminal justice sector in identifying areas of cooperation in training, institution building and legislation.

The purpose is to forge strong ties between the two countries to better combat transnational crimes such as human and drug trafficking, money laundering, and corruption.