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Traveling with Firearms
June 9, 2021

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Traveling with Firearms – The U.S. Embassy advises all U.S. travelers to think carefully about any potentially prohibited items they have packed within their baggage or are carrying on their person. While at the airport, or traveling in country, possession of any prohibited items such as live or spent ammunition, or anything simply resembling a prohibited item, whether it be a souvenir, a gift or an artefact, may subject the traveler to prosecution and stringent penalties by local authorities. Learn more about how to avoid problems when traveling abroad with firearms.

We recommend that all U.S. travelers check with their airlines to determine if a particular item is allowed for transport. Passengers should also check with the appropriate government authorities in any country they are traveling from, to or transiting through, in order to determine if a particular item is prohibited. Even though your airline or destination country allows the transit or import of firearms, this is not necessarily the case for countries in transit. Permission should be obtained from all countries in which you depart, arrive or transit, while transporting firearms. All U.S. travelers should remember that items allowed for transport under U.S. regulations are not necessarily allowable under another country’s regulations. Learn more about Philippine Regulations on traveling with firearms or ammunition. (PDF 34.7 MB)