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Restoration and Conservation of the Church Pillars and Baptistery of the San Vicente Ferrer Parish Church
Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya
January 1, 2022

Program Year:  2004

Grantee: National Commission for Culture and Arts

Grant Amount: US$24,000

Awarding Agency: Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (under the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation Program)

Project Summary: The main objective of the Project was to prevent further deterioration of the relief structure of the Church’s two pillars and baptistery, which are its main features.  Restoration measures were necessary to protect these features from the destructive effects of surface erosion, rain, internal moisture and biodeterioration. Specific scope of work included detailed documentation, sampling and analysis of pigment and base material, mechanical and chemical cleaning, stone consolidation, and  repair of baptistery roofing, windows and door.  Stucco was extensively used as an extension coating for the building and surfacing of ornamental details on the pillars and on the baptistery ceiling and walls.

Citation: The San Vicente Ferrer Parish Church is listed as National Cultural Treasure in the Philippine Registry of Cultural Properties

Status: Completed in May 2006