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January 1, 2022

Non-immigrants are temporary visitors in the Philippines, such as tourists, transients, seamen, diplomats/foreign government officials, treaty traders/investors, students, and pre-arranged employees. For general information on tourist/immigration matters check the BI Info Center.

  • Tourist Visa. If you intend to stay in the Philippines longer than thirty (30) days, a visa must be secured. A fifty-nine(59) day visa can be obtained at the Philippine Consular Office which has jurisdiction over your area before traveling to the Philippines. If you are already in the Philippines, you may file for a 29-day visa waiver (entry 30 days + 29 day waiver = 59 days). Visa waivers are issued at the Bureau of Immigration, in Intramuros, Manila before the expiration date of your authorized stay or with one of their sub-ports in these cities throughout the Philippines. Tourist visas are issued under three main classifications:
  • Pleasure. For tourists and other visitors to the Philippines. It cannot be used to engage in gainful employment or for business, or to take up educational courses in any learning institution in the Philippines. 
  • Business. The purpose of the temporary stay is to search for areas of investment. It does not allow you to engage in any activity which may be considered a form of gainful employment. 
  • Health This is granted to those whose intention is to convalesce from a serious injury or illness. The illness, however, should not be contagious or dangerous.
  • Treaty Traders/Investors Visa. For foreigners entering the Philippines solely to carry on trade or commerce between the Philippines and the United States of America pursuant to an existing treaty of commerce and navigation. Specific requirements for Special Investor visas. BI info
  • Pre-arranged Employment Visa. This working visa is for those who are coming to the Philippines to engage in any lawful occupation, whether for wages or salary or for other forms of compensation where a legitimate employer-employee relationship exists. 
  • Student Visa. For students over fifteen (15) having means sufficient for his/her education and support in the Philippines and intends solely to take up a course of study higher than high school at a university, seminary, academy, college or school approved for such alien students by the Commissioner of Immigration. 
  • Seaman Visa. This visa is available to a seaman serving in a vessel arriving at a port of the Philippines and seeking to enter temporarily and solely in pursuit of his calling as a seaman.