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Manning Agency Accreditation Policy
January 1, 2022

A. Manning Agency Accreditation Program

Manning agencies that lawfully operate within the Philippines can apply to join the Manning Agency Accreditation Program (MAAP) at U.S. Embassy Manila. The MAAP screens preregistered, reputable manning agencies and more efficiently handles their C1/D visa applicants at special times. Manning agencies that do not qualify for or do not wish to join the program may still schedule their seafarers for regular C1/D appointments.

The MAAP program is designed to assist manning agencies with potentially large numbers of C1/D applicants. Each manning agency’s accreditation will be judged on a case-by-case basis. The U.S. Embassy reserves the right to approve or deny accreditation based solely on its discretion.

Accreditation for New Manning Agencies

Manning agencies that wish to be considered for our accreditation program must submit copies of the following documents to the embassy via mail:

  • A completed application form.
  • A list of executive officers and persons with ownership interest in the agency or affiliated manning/staffing agencies. Include full names, dates of birth, titles and contact information for each individual.
  • A list of all principals for whom the agency is manning ships.
  • A list of all ships that sail in U.S. waters, organized by principal. Include the following information for each ship:
    • IMO number
    • Number of crew needed
    • Date and location of last U.S. port of entry
    • Unusual circumstances, if any (e.g., the ship is on dry dock; the ship has been renamed or has a new owner; the ship is changing its usual route, etc.)
  • Copy of current business permit or official receipt for business permit for the upcoming year.
  • Copy of current POEA certification.
  • SEC and ISO registration

Please inform us immediately of changes in company information, such as ownership, name, address, email addresses, phone numbers, loss of POEA license, authorized liaisons, etc.

Manning agencies are no longer required to renew their accreditation.  Your accreditation will remain active unless you are notified otherwise.  Please do not send documents to the Embassy unless we request them.

B. ATLAS appointment system

For technical assistance, please contact supportphilippines@ustraveldocs.com or call (02) 548-8223 and (02) 792-8988.  The call center is open from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., except on Embassy holidays.

C. How to Apply

  1. Appointments must be made online through ATLAS. Please utilize your assigned user ID and password.
  2. Please read through the application thoroughly and complete all items. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.
  3. Submit all requested verifications on the day of interview.

D. Visa application pull-out requests

Visa application pull-out requests due to international travel; please send an email to mnlnivsea@state.gov with subject: VISA APPLICATION PULL-OUT. The email should include: the name of the applicant, passport number, and a brief explanation of the request. The passport pull-out request will be considered under 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, and the passport will be returned with instructions on how to proceed with future visa processing. If the visa is processed in less than 1 year from the date of interview, then the applicant will not need to make another interview appointment nor pay another application fee. If it has been more than 1 year since the applicant has appeared for their interview then a new, non-refundable, and non-transferable application fee may apply and the applicant may need to appear for an interview. Any delays because of a passport pullout may require additional administrative processing.