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Joint U.S. Military Assistance Group

The Joint US Military Assistance Group to the Republic of the Philippines (JUSMAGPHIL) functions as the U.S. Security Assistance Organization (SAO) in the Philippines. The Chief of JUSMAGPHIL is also the Senior Defense Official. In addition to the military chain of command, JUSMAGPHIL is also responsible to the US Ambassador to the Republic of the Philippines. JUSMAGPHIL has responsibility for administering security assistance missions in addition to non-security assistance missions. These include Joint Combined Bilateral Exercise Programs, the second largest International Military Education and Training (IMET) program in Southeast Asia as well as coordination of joint U.S. and Republic of the Philippines military to military engagement programs prescribed by the Mutual Defense Board.

JUSMAGPHIL offices are located on the Embassy grounds in both the Chancery and Rowe Buildings. The U.S. Embassy is located at 1201 Roxas Blvd., Manila, telephone number 5301-2000.

Security Assistance Division – Joint Training Programs

The overall objective of JUSMAGPHIL international military and education training programs is to further the goal of regional stability. This is done through developing mutually beneficial military-to-military relations; training to augment the capabilities of participant nations’ military forces; and exposing foreign students to U.S. professional military organizations and the manner in which military organizations function under civilian control.

Potential International Military Students (IMS) should be familiar with the following information to prepare for international travel and training:

  1. Pre-departure Brief: https://www.dscu.edu/lg/international-military-student-briefing/index.html
  2. Pre-departure certification (Download | PDF 142 KB)
  3. Pre departure handbook (Download | PDF 318 KB)
  4. Travel Settlement Instructions (Download | PDF 184 KB)
  5. International Military Student Timeline (Download | PDF 239 KB)

Department of Defense (DoD) Distinguished Visitor Programs

A number of invitations are extended to U.S./DoD officials to visit the Republic of the Philippines in order to strengthen ties with our Philippine allies. It is intended to establish relationships with the Philippine government, establish a rapport between top U.S. and Philippine military officials, and demonstrate U.S. interest in the strategic importance of the U.S.-Philippine alliance. Typically, when visiting Philippine military installations, DoD guests are provided with demonstrations of military cooperation between the United States and the Philippines.

To prepare for their visit to the Philippines, potential DoD Distinguished Visitor Action Officers should be familiar with and pass along the following information to the visit control officer:

  1. VIP Packet (Download | PDF 1.4MB)
  2. Passport Matrix for Arrival and Departure (Download | XLSX 70KB)
  3. Fiscal Strip Crosswalk to cover direct costs associated with the visit (Download | XLSX 50KB)
  4. Security Verification Memo for secured venue access (Download | DOCX 27KB)