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Extension of Non-Immigrant Visas
January 1, 2022

Applications for extension of a visa, a visa waiver, or a change of status while in the Philippines must be filed through the BI. Forms may be turned into the main office in Manila or one of the numerous sub-ports throughout the Philippines. The applicants presence is not always required when filing for extension. Check with BI or the sub-port for clarification. These forms may be downloaded below, or from the BI form page.

1. Use BI form RBR 98-02 (legal-size paper only) for:

  • Temporary visitors who entered without a visa and who wish to extend their initial twenty-one day pass through a visa waiver
  • Temporary visitors who entered with a fifty-nine day visa who wish to extend their stay
  • Former Philippine citizens who entered on a one year Balikbayan status and who wish to extend their stay
  • Extensions are granted on an ad hoc basis and the final decision for approval and length of extension are granted at the discretion of the BI official.

2. Use BI form RBR 98-01 (front and back, legal-size paper only) for:

  • Recognition as a Filipino Citizen
  • Amendment from Probationary to Permanent Resident
  • Change of Status (a) by marriage, (b) to temporary resident, (c) to treaty trader or investor, (d) to pre-arranged employee visa, or (e) to special non-immigrant visa
  • Extension of (a) treaty trader or investor, (b) pre-arranged investor, or (c) temporary resident visa
  • Cancellation of Alien Registry

3. Extensions for students under Section 9(f): Page 1 2

4. Use this BI form (legal-size paper only) for:

  • Re-entry permit
  • Special Return Certificate (SRC)
  • Certificate of Exemption
  • Exit Clearance Certificate