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Extension of Expired Philippine Visas for Foreign Nationals
July 13, 2021

United States Embassy Manila, Philippines
United States Consular Agency Cebu, Philippines

July 13, 2021

Extension of Expired Philippine Visas for Foreign Nationals

The U.S. Embassy in Manila and Consular Agency in Cebu remind U.S. citizens in the Philippines with expired Philippine visas of the Bureau of Immigration’s (BI) policy on extension of expired Philippine visas due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The BI has authorized grace periods for foreign nationals whose visas have expired during the pandemic:

  1. Foreigners whose converted visas (work, student, or resident visas) expired from March 16, 2020 up to July 4, 2021, are given up to November 30, 2021 to file for visa renewal or amendment; and
  2. Foreigners with expiring visas were also given a non-extendable grace period of six months from the expiration of their visas to file their applications for visa renewal or extension.

Only foreign nationals who have not left the Philippines since the pandemic began are eligible for extension. Foreigners who fail to file their applications before November 30, 2021 could be subjected to deportation proceedings for illegally staying in the country.

This policy does not apply to travelers who hold Philippine tourist visas. Those with a Philippine visa which expired while they are outside of the Philippines should reapply for a new visa at a Philippine Consulate or Embassy.


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