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Exit Clearances
January 1, 2022

If you meet the following classifications below, you will need to follow the instructions and apply for the proper exit clearance at one of the five BI regional offices. Sub-ports cannot process exit clearance permits. All fees and conditions are subject to change. Normal processing time of 4-5 business days (expedite option available in most cases for +Php500).

  1. Tourist: 59 days – 6 months
    Tourists staying more than 59 days but less than 6 months must pay an exit clearance fee. If your date of departure is certain, this can be paid through one of the five BI regional offices; otherwise, the exit fee can be paid at the airport upon your departure.
  2. Tourist 6 months+
    Tourists staying more than 6 months must obtain an Emigration Clearance Certificate(ECC) from BI. You must submit the proper form along with 3 passport-sized photographs and the visa fees.
  3. Permanent Resident
    Permanent residents temporarily leaving the country must apply for a re-entry permit with BI. Applicant must submit 3 passport-sized photographs, proof of residency status, and the visa fees.