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EducationUSA Stages Major Events for International Education Week
November 26, 2019

Manila, November 26, 2019 — In celebration of International Education Week (IEW) in November, EducationUSA staged a series of education programs, culminating in a college application drive at the Philippine Science High School in Quezon City.

On November 18, EducationUSA kicked off the week-long celebration with a workshop for students and prospective Masters of Business Administration (MBA) candidates, sharing practical insights on how to actualize their goals as budding entrepreneurs and describing what U.S. universities offer.  A University of Pennsylvania admissions director spoke at the event, alongside a successful Filipino entrepreneur and current Stanford MBA student.  EducationUSA also sponsored an advising session to assist with application development.

In conjunction with IEW, EducationUSA sponsored a speech and poster contest with the theme “The Importance of International Education in a Globalized World” that was advertised at all 15 American Corners in the Philippines.  On November 20, EducationUSA hosted a virtual award ceremony to honor winners and share their entries.

On November 21, EducationUSA and CHED partnered to launch a speaker series to support the internationalization efforts of Philippine universities and build new linkages between U.S. and Philippine institutions.  Approximately 50 representatives from universities in the Philippines participated in the series to strengthen Filipino universities’ internationalization efforts and build linkages between U.S. and Filipino institutions of higher education.

On November 22, EducationUSA hosted an application drive at the Philippine Science High School, where hundreds of students from a variety of schools received direct advising on college applications and essays by both EducationUSA advisers and other Filipino-American alumni volunteers.

EducationUSA promotes the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide by providing free advising services to prospective international students and local educators in more than 170 countries.  With more than 4,700 accredited higher education institutions in the United States, an EducationUSA adviser can help students narrow their options and plan their college careers.

You can also find more information about EducationUSA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/educationusa.philippines, on Instagram at @educationusa.philippines, and on Twitter at @EducationUSA_PH.