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EducationUSA Philippines

Do you want to study in the United States? The benefits of international education are life changing! The road to college success can be demanding and challenging, but it is within your reach, and our education advisers at the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines can help you navigate it. We want you to join thousands of Filipinos enjoying the United States and the unparalleled higher education opportunities available there!


EducationUSA Philippines is an advising network of the U.S. Department of State that provides FREE, comprehensive, and current information on U.S. higher education to Filipinos interested in studying in the United States at any point of their academic career. EdUSA does not provide scholarships but it provides holistic guidance in the Five Steps to U.S. Study, namely:

  1. Researching Your Options
  2. Funding Your Studies
  3. Completing Your Application
  4. Applying for a Student Visa
  5. Preparing for Your Departure


Since EdUSA officially joined the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines in 2015, our team has continuously ramped up our advising services and programs across the country. Here’s how far we have come:

  • ACCESIBLE ADVISING CENTERS: There are three EdUSA centers in the Philippines!
  • SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS: Since 2019, EdUSA advisees have received more than Php40M worth of financial aid from U.S. universities.
  • EDUCATIONUSA FAIRS: Each year, an average of a thousand students, college students, school administrators, and working professionals attend EducationUSA Fairs in Manila and Cebu.
  • ADVISING SESSIONS: As of 2021, more than 4,000 Filipinos have signed up to attend EdUSA Advising Sessions.
  • PARTNERSHIP-BUILDING: EducationUSA provides support to Philippine-U.S. university partnership-building initiatives. As of 2021, more than 80 Philippine and U.S. universities have worked on virtual and in-person academic collaborations!


The more you come to EdUSA advisers for advice, the easier and less intimidating the process of applying to an accredited U.S. university becomes. Please do not hesitate to follow and reach out to us on any of the following platforms:

Keep an eye out for our monthly advising sessions. After you attend a general advising session, or if you prefer to schedule a one-on-one advising session up front, schedule an appointment here to talk directly with an adviser: http://educationusaph.org/advising-1on1.

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