U.S. Embassy Club (USEC) Community Services Project Grant Application

2019 Application

Deadline: 3:00 p.m., October 15, 2019


The United States Embassy Club (USEC) is a charitable giving and volunteer organization made up of U.S. Embassy Manila employees and their family members.  USEC began more than 50 years ago and has evolved into a volunteer club dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in the Philippines.  USEC does not receive any government funding.  All USEC funding comes from charitable giving and fundraisers.

Grants Program

USEC offers financial grants to local organizations dedicated to improving the lives of women and children.  Our primary focus is to assist organizations in the Metro Manila area with small-scale projects in the areas of health, education, livelihood, and the environment.  Grants are not intended to fund private profit-making activities or foreign based organizations.

To apply, complete the application form in English.  Answer all questions to ensure we can consider all applications equally using the same criteria.  Do not send in duplicate applications that you have prepared from other funding sources.  We will only consider applications that follow this format: Part 1: Organization Information; Part 2: Project Classification; Part 3: Project Narrative; Part 4: Budget Narrative; Part 5: Supporting Documentation.

The project should:

  • Address women, children, or other vulnerable populations in the Metro Manila area.
  • Exhibit a gender sensitive project.
  • Demonstrate community support. Only projects that help less fortunate Filipinos residing in the Philippines are eligible.
  • Permit quick implementation and impact. Projects must have a definite start and end date within a one-year timeframe.
  • Be sustainable. Programs should be capable of continuing on their own after the funding ends.  (NOTE: Salaries, office rent, supplies, food, administrative costs do not demonstrate sustainability.)
  • Demonstrate supplemental projects. They should not be used to relieve an organization of the responsibility to provide for its own on-going programs.
  • Be conducted by registered non-profit organizations.
  • Have clearly measurable results. The grant recipient needs to report on the impact of funding.
  • Provide volunteer opportunities to members of USEC and the Embassy Community.

Selection Process

USEC board members conduct reviews and select applicants based on the following selection criteria:

  • Technical merits of the application;
  • The impact of the funding (please note priority will be given to projects that help women and children);
  • Cost effectiveness and cost realism of the application;
  • Past performance of the organization (preliminary reviews may include a site visit); and,
  • Following application format and guidelines.

Organizations may present only one project per year for consideration of a USEC grant.

Grants are awarded for a one year period.  USEC normally provides grants within the Php 30,000-50,000 range per project.  The maximum award for any application is Php 100,000.  Recipients will be notified of selection by October 28, 2019.  Selected projects for the 2019 grant year will receive their funding in November 2019.

All USEC grants must supply receipts of the expenditures and documentation that the project was completed within 30 days of completion.  Each project accepted for funding must report details of its results twice a year (February and August).  Reports are used to document the project’s accomplishments and demonstrate measurable results.

The requested grant funds shall not pay for the following:

  • Administrative Fee
  • Administrative Salary
  • Contingency Funds
  • Land
  • Management Fee
  • Miscellaneous Fee
  • Rent / Mortgage
  • Scholarship
  • Subcontracting
  • Utilities
  • Vehicles

Contact Information

If your organization has a project that meets the USEC Grants Program guidelines, we encourage you to complete the application and submit it through either one of the following methods:

  1. Return Completed Form with the required documentation by the deadline via email to: usembassyclubmanila@gmail.com.
  2. Hard copies may also be mailed or hand-delivered to:

U.S. Embassy Club (USEC)
U.S. Embassy Seafront Compound,
Roxas Blvd., Pasay City

Please send any questions you may have to the above email address or please contact our office at tel. 301-2855 from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  A member of the Grants Committee will return your call or respond by email.

Download the application form here:

2019 USEC Grants Application (DOC 38KB)