Development and Publication of the Kinaray-a Dictionary, San Jose, Antique

Program Year:            2017

Grantee:                     St. Anthony’s College

Grant Amount:          US$10,000

Awarding Agency:     Public Affairs Section, U.S. Embassy in the Philippines

Project Summary:     The proposal will develop and publish a Kinaray-a Dictionary, which will serve as standard reference for schools, training institutions, media organizations, development organizations, and local writers.  This is a complement of the Taramdan sa Lantipulong Kinaray-a (Kinaray-a Grammar Guide) that was recently standardized. The primary objectives are: a) to provide uniform orthographic standards for the creation of instructional materials; b) to provide uniform orthographic standards for the training of pre-service teachers who will specialize in Kinaray-a; and c) to prevent rapid erosion of Kinaray-a due to indiscriminate cross usage of standards from other languages without benefit of careful study.

Status:                        On-going (up to June 2018)