Documentation of the Tabon Cave Complex in Lipuun Point, Province of Palawan

Program Theme: Cultural/Historic Buildings and Sites

Program Year: 2010

Awarding Agency: Public Affairs Section, US Embassy in Manila

Partner: National Commission for Culture and Arts          

Amount: US$19,500

Status: Completed

Project Summary: The Project aimed to do a full documentation of the Tabon Cave Complex. The complex is composed of some 200 caves and rock shelters located in a limestone promontory coast of Western Palawan, which hold evidence that the first modern humans in the Philippines arrived during the Pleistocene era. The main cave, the Tabon Cave, is the site where possibly the oldest Homo sapiens fossil evidence in Southeast Asia in the form of a tibia fragment (dating to 47,000 +/- 11-10,000 years ago) has been found.  Specifically, the project produced still photographs and video under the guidance of a professional archaeologist to update and complement the earlier documentation and studies done by the National Museum.

Citation: The Tabon Cave Complex is listed as a National Cultural Treasure in the Philippine Registry of Cultural Properties.