Documentation of Philippine Textile Art Traditions

Program Theme: Forms of Traditional Cultural Expressions (Crafts)

Program Year: 2012

Awarding Agency: Public Affairs Section, US Embassy in Manila

Partner: National Commission for Culture and Arts          

Amount: US$9,849

Status: Completed

Project Summary: The Project aimed to give a general overview of the Philippine textile art tradition and the textile weaving communities in the country. Intended as a seven-series publication, the first of the series (which is funded under the Project) covered a comprehensive discussion of the dynamics of textile art traditions across cultures in the Philippines, complete with maps and photo illustrations.  It traced the history of textile tradition from its early developments based on archaeological finds, the main materials and the two weaving implements used, the characteristic features of Philippine textiles such as the recurring patterns and design motifs, and the corresponding design processes and techniques employed.  This series is meant to introduce the succeeding six culture areas of the tradition namely, the Ilocos Region, Abra Itneg, the Cordillera, Aklan of Panay, the Lumad of Eastern and Central Mindanao, and the western Mindanao Islamic cultures.