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Documentation of the Ifugao “Hudhud” and “Alim” Oral Traditions, Ifugao
January 1, 2022

Program Year:  2008

Grantee: National Commission for Culture and Arts

Grant Amount: US$19,000

Awarding Agency: Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (under the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation Program)

Project Summary: The Project documented the “Hudhud’ and “Alim” epics of the Ifugao people. These epics are two traditions that have been passed down orally over spans of generation.  The project entailed the documentation and recording of these oral traditions, the production and dissemination of audio-visuals to the public, and popularization of these traditions by providing resources to Ifugao schools that have integrated the teaching of these traditions in their school curriculum, as well as by establishing a School of Living Traditions at the Provincial Capitol.

Citation: The “Hudhud” and “Alim” chants are listed as Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in the Philippine Registry of Cultural Properties.

Status: Completed in December 2009