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Conservation of the 19th-Century San Sebastian Basilica (Phase 2), Manila
January 1, 2022

Program Year: 2016

Grantee: San Sebastian Basilica Conservation & Development Foundation, Inc.

Grant Amount: US$350,000

Awarding Agency: Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (under the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation Program)

Project Summary: The Project has 3 work components. The first component will involve the preparation of restoration recommendations and design documents where the remaining diagnostic, testing and analysis work for the figural trompe l’oeil, stained glass windows, exterior paint schemes, and unsurveyed walls and columns will be conducted. All designs will be vetted to a peer review team of specialists. The second component will involve structural stabilization work for 5 critically weakened columns and a disengaged floor beam at the choir loft.  The third component will be community development and urban planning.  An urban planner and community development consultant will gather data to understand the neighborhood’s economic, physical and demographic conditions, assets, problems and needs, as well as the relevance of the Basilica to this equation. The data will then be synthesized with the goals of direct stakeholders, residents, and property owners, and articulated in a site development plan and community development strategy.

Citation: The San Sebastian Basilica is listed as a National Cultural Treasure in the Philippine Registry of Cultural Properties.

Status: Ongoing (up to September 2018)