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Conservation of the 19th-Century San Sebastian Basilica (Phase 1), Manila
January 1, 2022

Program Year: 2011

Grantee: San Sebastian Basilica Conservation & Development Foundation, Inc.

Grant Amount: US$96,789

Awarding Agency: Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (under the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation Program)

Project Summary: The Project conducted full documentation and diagnostics of deteriorative conditions of the only all-steel building in the Philippines, the San Sebastian Basilica in Quiapo, Manila. Primarily visual in nature but supplemented by materials testing, the work was handled by a team of architectural conservators, architects, structural engineers, corrosion scientists, and the basilica’s maintenance men in accordance with internationally accepted scientific conservation principles. The team assessed conditions not only of the visually accessible areas of the roof, structural systems and building envelope, but also surfaces that have never before been assessed, such as the interiors of column and cavity walls. This work became the team’s foundation from which to develop future treatments and repairs.

Citation: The San Sebastian Basilica is listed as a National Cultural Treasure in the Philippine Registry of Cultural Properties.

Status: Completed in December 2013