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Call for Applications for the 2024 Southeast Asia Youth Leadership Program
November 3, 2023

The U.S. Embassy in the Philippines is pleased to announce the call for applications for the 2024 Southeast Asia Youth Leadership Program. For 2024, Filipino participants will be recruited from Albay.

Every year, SEAYLP students are recruited from different areas of the Philippines. In past years, SEAYLP participants have come from Bacolod (2010), Dumaguete (2011), Ilocos Norte (2012), Cebu (2013), Tarlac (2014), Tacloban (2015), Access Schools (2016), Maguindanao (2017), Lanao del Norte (2018), Metro Manila (2019), Palawan (2020), Ilocos Sur (2022), and Bohol (2023).


The 2024 SEAYLP will convene high school students and adult mentors from the ten ASEAN member countries for a three-week U.S.-based exchange program focused on leadership and youth development. Participants will explore shared challenges faced by the United States and ASEAN member countries through the three pillars of the ASEAN community: political and security cooperation, economic skills-building (through the exchange’s project development), and socio-cultural leadership (through hands-on activities, workshops, seminars, and site visits to foster more substantial communication). During the exchange, participants will also collaborate to develop projects that address the needs of their communities, which they implement upon returning home. English language proficiency is a prerequisite, as activities are conducted entirely in English.



The 2024 SEAYLP has the following program components:

  • U.S. Exchange Program
    The exchange program activities in the United States will emphasize ASEAN identity by organizing participants into multi-country teams to enhance cross-cultural experience wherever possible across the country cohorts. Participants will join workshops, interactive sessions, diplomacy simulations, leadership training, and team-building exercises. They will also join extracurricular activities such as volunteer service opportunities and site visits to relevant organizations in host communities. Adult mentor participants will attend sessions with U.S. adult peers designed to foster networking, leadership, and civic education programs when they return home. All participants will engage in homestays with American families and study tours to Chicago, Illinois, and Washington, D.C.
  • Follow-on Project
    The program includes a strong emphasis on follow-on projects. Participants will be taught to develop plans for follow-on activities and are expected to implement them in their schools and communities upon return home. The implementer will provide mentoring and support of follow-on activities and may provide seed funding.


  • Youth applicants should:
    1. Be currently enrolled as a student in any high school located in Albay.
    2. Be at least 15 years old and not more than 17 years old by April 20, 2024;
    3. Demonstrate leadership skills with strong potential for advanced leadership roles in the future;
    4. Demonstrate commitment to civic action, strong academic and social skills, and interest in community service;
    5. Have strong English communication skills; and
    6. Have permission from both parent(s)/guardian(s) and schools to participate in the entire program.
  • Adult mentor applicants should:
    1. Be a resident of Albay.
    2. Have minimum 2 years of experience working with high school students as a teacher, mentor, coach, or counselor in an official or volunteer capacity;
    3. Age 20-30 years old by April 20, 2024;
    4. Demonstrate strong leadership skills with high potential for advanced leadership roles in the future;
    5. Demonstrate commitment to civic action, strong academic and social skills, and interest in community service;
    6. Have strong English communication skills;
    7. Be a well-respected member their community;
    8. Intend to continue working with youth in their careers; and
    9. Be committed to mentor and guide the selected students before, during, and after the 2024 SEAYLP program

Preference will be given to participants who have not previously traveled to the United States, privately or on any U.S. government-sponsored program.


  • Health Benefits
    Participants will be covered by ECA’s Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges (ASPE) health benefits program. ASPE is a limited health benefits program that covers medical expenses associated with each illness or accident up to $100,000 per occurrence. ASPE does not cover routine examinations or pre-existing conditions. ASPE information is available at https://www.sevencorners.com/gov/USDOS.
  • Program Funding
    The program will cover all participant costs, including round-trip international travel, alumni activities, lodging, stipends, all in-country program-related expenses (including domestic travel for visa interviews and/or pre-departure orientation), in-country lodging and expenses, and other program associated costs.


  • November 3, 2023: Application Opens
  • December 3, 2023: Application Closes
  • January 3-5, 2024: Shortlisted applicants will be notified
  • January 8-9, 2024: Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed
  • April 2024 – Selected participants travel to the United States for SEAYLP

APPLY HERE: https://bit.ly/2024SEAYLP

Application Deadline: December 3, 2023, 11:59 P.M. Philippine Standard Time


  • Due to the number of applications received, the Secretariat may not be able to acknowledge receipt of each application.
  • Applicants selected for interviews will be notified via email from January 3-5, 2024.
  • Successful applicants will be notified via email. Results will also be posted on the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines’ official Facebook page.
  • For questions, please email usexchangesph@state.gov.